Chuck has been a trusted and knowledgeable tax advisor, that I have had the pleasure of working with for the past several years. I find him to be personable, caring and extremely resourceful.  His direct approach and individual attention to my financial portfolio has helped to build long term financial goals and tax savings that I had hoped to attain by myself but couldn’t without his strategic and sound advice.  Well worth your time to hire him as a financial professional.

Matt Schade
Morrisville North Carolina

Chuck has been my accountant for both business and personal purposes for the last 2 years.  I continue to be thoroughly impressed by his high level of expertise and the client communication he exhibits.
As a business owner, it is imperative to work with a financial professional who is responsive and organized, Chuck is the epitome of every quality I look for in an accounting and tax professional.  Certainly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made was retaining him.

Lisa Pineiro
Durham North Carolina

I met Chuck at an event and that was the start of a great relationship.  I run a small business and part of my interest in an accountant is having a “Q&A” relationship with them so that I can educate myself about business design, tax implications and so forth.  Chuck has been instrumental in helping me make decisions about how I manage my business and taxes.  I am extremely pleased to have him in my corner and call on him regularly to help guide me in these challenging times.

Bill Argersinger
Durham North Carolina

Back in the 2008-2009 timeframe, my problems with the IRS and state taxing authorities began to finally catch-up to me.  At the time, I lived in Richmond, VA and retained the help of a local CPA firm that specialized in dispute resolution with the IRS and state tax authorities.  After a tremendous amount of work and close to $10,000, not much was accomplished.  I thought it was just me and my situation until I got smart and transferred all of this work to Chuck Russitano.  Chuck took the bull by the horns by doing the following in a very professional and timely manner:

· Counseled me on my options and his thoughts on the best approach with the IRS as well as NC and VA
· Developed an action plan which included specific instructions on what I needed to do to help my cause
· Implemented the action plan immediately
· Followed up timely with respectful reminders and direction
· Completed the action plan and achieved amazing results with installment agreements across the board

While I’m sure my situation wasn’t abnormal in today’s world, it was certainly extremely stressful for me.  Chuck stepped in and delivered with precision within weeks of contacting him.  His ability to negotiate and deal with the state taxing authorities as well as the IRS is second to none, and his ability to convey the message and counsel you in the right direction is unparalleled.  I would recommend anyone in a sticky situation with the IRS or state taxing authorities call Chuck immediately.

Brian L. Mattison
Raleigh North Carolina

I have known and worked with Chuck for the past twelve years. Chuck has been my personal tax advisor, as well as tax advisor to my company during those years.
Corporate tax can be a complex area, and my company had extensive dealings with the IRS due to some of the complex financing arrangements in place. Chuck handled all of tax preparation, filings, and IRS queries and audits. He was professional, well informed, and not frightened to seek further advice if needed. We always prevailed in any IRS audit or query in large part, due to Chuck’s expertise.
My personal tax situation has been driven by my company, and Chuck has handled all my preparation, filings, queries and audits with the same professionalism and efficiency as he did my corporate work.
It has been a pleasure to work with Chuck over the course of our friendship and I would have no hesitation in recommending Chuck to anyone seeking a great tax advisor. It seems to me that chuck treats all of his clients like friends….something that I personally find very refreshing.

Phillip F O’Connor
Raleigh, North Carolina

” Throughout my life I have worked with many accounting firms including several of the “Big Four”. As a small business owner I feel very fortunate to have met Charles Russitano. Over the past several years Chuck has become a true partner in my business. He brings the expertise of a large firm and the personal attention of a small firm. His proactive approach has guided me to a business plan that looks and feels like a large business yet is easily maintained accounting wise and reflects positively on the bottom line.”

Ted Powell
Holly Springs, North Carolina